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Cybersecurity firm Reveal Risk introduces advisory board members

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CARMEL, Ind. (June 25, 2020) – Carmel-based Reveal Risk recently formed an advisory board comprised of eight uniquely qualified and experienced board members with significant experience in cybersecurity, IT, privacy, HR, legal, sales, marketing, and communications. Reveal Risk will leverage the advisory board’s knowledge, talent, and strategic direction to grow its footprint in solving organizations’ cybersecurity challenges for clients they serve.


Advisory board members include:

  • Chad Boeckmann, CEO at TrustMAPP
  • Brad Claretto, former Eli Lilly executive focused on change management, Lean Six Sigma, and process improvement
  • Shelley Jackson, Partner at Krieg DeVault LLP
  • Jason Lish, Chief Security, Privacy, and Data Officer for Advisor Group
  • Mike Meadows, former Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Eli Lilly, Executive Consultant at MRMeadows Services, and Executive in Residence at TechPoint
  • Matt Mindrim, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Bob Nist, Vice President of Human Resources Technology at Rockwell Automation
  • John Quinn, experienced sales and channel leader in IT networking, business development and cybersecurity

“Our announcement today reflects our desire to bring deep and cross-functional perspectives to the risks and challenges that companies are facing on cybersecurity,” said Reveal Risk CEO and Co-founder Aaron Pritz. “We are pleased and humbled to welcome this diversely talented group to our advisory board and look forward to growing and evolving with their unique perspectives and acumen.”

Reveal Risk serves clients throughout Indiana and the Midwest and nationally. “We help our clients build their BEST (Business Enabling, Strategic, and Thorough) cybersecurity programs in a complex and dynamically changing digital world,” said Reveal Risk CTO/CIO and Co-founder Tim Sewell. “Our vision is to create a safer, more productive digital society by solving cybersecurity challenges at all levels of organizations, and our advisory board will help us maximize our impact by serving as strategic partners.”


About Reveal Risk

Established with the belief companies must reveal their actual risks, threats, impacts, and current controls to make smart information security and privacy program investments, Reveal Risk provides a highly experienced and focused team with deep cybersecurity experience at an exceptional value. Reveal Risk serves clients in healthcare, financial services, pharma/biotech, retail, technology, and manufacturing industries in addition to non-profits and government entities.

 To learn more about Reveal Risk and how they can reduce your company risk and enable cybersecurity and privacy solutions, visit www.revealrisk.com or email them at info@revealrisk.com


Full Advisory Board Bios:

 Chad Boeckmann

Chad is the CEO at TrustMAPP (a security performance management product) with over 20 years of experience in data security, cyber risk, and regulatory compliance. He previously led Secure Digital Solutions (SDS – cyber and IT consulting) and held roles as VP of Security Operations, a virtual CISO, and expert witness in data breach cases. Chad brings a spanning perspective of corporate, consulting, and product advisory to the board.


 Brad Claretto

Brad retired after a successful 32-year career with Eli Lilly and had built a consulting and training practice focused on change management, Lean Six Sigma, and process improvement. Brad brings 32 years of HR experience, organizational change management, and Lean Six Sigma to Reveal Risk.


 Shelley Jackson

Shelley is a member of Krieg DeVault LLP’s Health Care and Employment Law Practice Groups and concentrates her practice in regulatory compliance, professional license defense, data privacy and security, and employment law. In serving as a member of the Reveal Risk Advisory Board, Shelley leverages her expertise developed as an attorney and former chief privacy officer for a multi-national corporation.


 Jason Lish
Jason is currently the Chief Security, Privacy, and Data Officer for Advisor Group – the largest network of financial advisors one the US. Jason held numerous Chief IT and security leadership roles across several prior companies and industries, including Honeywell, Alight, and Charles Schwab. He offers robust CISO insights and buyer perspectives to the Reveal Risk advisory board.


 Mike Meadows

Mike Meadows retired as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Eli Lilly after a successful 35-year career. He currently is Executive Consultant at MRMeadows Services for companies across several industries and advises senior IT leaders across many sectors and serves as the Executive in Residence at TechPoint. Mike brings deep corporate IT insights and perspectives to the advisory board.


 Matt Mindrum

Matt is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He previously was Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Butler University, and Brand Director at Eli Lilly and Company. Matt provides Reveal Risk with coaching related to marketing and communication from numerous roles that he has held.


 Bob Nist

Bob is the Vice President of Human Resources Technology at Rockwell Automation. He provides the advisory board with advice from numerous years in senior IT leadership roles, robust IT leadership insights, and direction specific to R&D and manufacturing divisions and companies.


 John Quinn

John brings deep sales and partner development insights to Reveal Risk with his 20+ years of business development experience in the IT networking and cybersecurity industries. He has a proven track record of building strong sales teams and channel sales programs contributing to successful exits with companies like IronPort (Cisco), FireEye (IPO), and ObserveIT (Proofpoint).

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