Aaron Pritz

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Building Senior Leader Engagement in Cyber Security

Way back in January of 2020, before the world knew what was in store for it with a global pandemic and resulting non-voluntary digital transformation,...

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cybersecurity | consulting | risk management

Attaining Lasting Cybersecurity Awareness, Behavior, & Culture Change

For many within the profession, we’ve been standing around saying to each other, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” 2021 didn’t let up in the volume...

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Aaron's Indianapolis Food Scene, Cooking and Grilling Blog - Memorial Day 2021

It is easy in Indianapolis (especially) to get wrapped up in the Indy 500 and race activities (whether you follow racing or not). This year was an esp...

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Food Scene | Indianapolis | Cooking | Grilling | Personal Hobbies

Aaron's Indianapolis Food Scene, Activities, Cooking,Grilling Blog - Launch!

I moved to Indianapolis in 2001, after graduating from Indiana University. I always enjoyed cooking and eating out, but would acknowledge that my inte...

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